■ Specially formulated to absorb food gases circulating in your refrigerator.
■ 50 times more powerful than baking soda.
■ Uses environmentally friendly materials.
■ Absorbs food gases keeping produce fresher, longer.
■ Contains a high absorbency filter block filled with activated coconut shell.
■ Lasts up to 6 months

Activated carbon is one of the best absorbency materials being used to absorb odors - it works 50x better than baking soda. There are many deodorizers that use activated carbon on the market, but it can be very difficult to find one that is environmentally friendly. Fridge Aid and Ice Aid (part# FM2) are made from environmentally, landfill friendly materials. It also has antibacterial protection in it so it not only smells clean, but is clean.

Fridge Aid Anti Bacterial Deoderizer